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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Investigation Reveals That Chimera Waterless Fracking is a Fraudulent Company

A little over a month ago we posted a press release announcing a deal between Chimera Energy and Mexican company PEMEX to employ Chimera's waterless fracking technique.

Since then, Seeking Alpha has published two articles that reveal fairly conclusively that Chimera Energy is a complete scam, a cardboard cutout of a company that was conceived as a way to cheat investors out of their money.

Here is a portion of the first article from Seeking Alpha:
The Business
The most effective exercise in demonstrating to readers that CHMR is a scam is to review its chronology from inception to now through the perspective of Charles E. Grob Jr. the 31 year old who is the only named employee in the company, as well as through the role of the unnamed Houston promoter that owns the 20,000,000 free trading shares purchased for $.0038.
Charles Earl Grob Jr.
August 5, 2011
Incorporates a company in Nevada named Chimera Energy by issuing to himself 10,000,000 shares @ $.0001 per share for a total investment of just $10,000.
August 22, 2011
Borrows $100,000 @ 15% interest from Kylemore, Corp. anoffshore company incorporated in the Marshall Islands.
September 1, 2011
Rents a Virtual Office in Houston for $200 a month
October 10, 2011
Pays a total of $10,950 to become publicly traded ($1,500 transfer agent, $4,000 auditor, $5,000 legal) through form S-1
December 21, 2011
Receives approval for his S1 from the SEC
January 6, 2012
Sells 5,000,000 free trading shares relying on the S-1 filed with the SEC to "third parties" @ $.015 per share.
Here the roles split…
Charles Earl Grob Jr.
Unnamed Houston Promoter
March 1, 2012 - As the sole CEO/COO/CFO and Director, awards himself a salary of $2,500 a month.
April 2012 - Sets up a cloud server hosting account with Rackspace in San Antonio Texas. This account will be used to host the websites and promotional referral sites used in the scams CHMR and NVMN.
June 26, 2012 - Effectuates a 4:1 Forward Split lowering his average cost to $.00025 and that of the 20,000,000 free trading float shares owned by the unnamed Houston promoter to $.0038.
May 2012 - Hires an Indian web design company to build the,,,
July 26, 2012 - Licenses a technology from a Chinese company nobody has ever heard of for $5,000 a month in a 4 page contract with no mention of any patent numbers or description of the technology.
June 2012 - Produces a 2:29 minute long promotional video full of sound bites and generalities relating hydraulic fracturing. Aside from conjecture relating to the conceptualization of the licensed technology no tangible evidence is provided to as to the history, effectiveness or existence of this potentially world-changing service.
July 30, 2012 - Puts out a sensational press release touting a technology licensed less than 90 hours prior as a "breakthrough" that will replace an industry standard drilling technique employed by multi-billion dollar energy companies for nearly a decade.
July 2012 - Sets up and funds a Google AdWords account as well as accounts with other online PPC (pay per click) companies. Sets up and funds an account with the Wall Street Journal online network for display ads that will run on:,, and Initiates the distribution of the ads coinciding with the first press release issued by Charles Earl Gorb Jr. on July 30, 2012.
From August 1, 2012 - August 10, 2012 puts out 6 press releases in 8 trading days discussing everything from how the recent drought makes his technology even more attractive to how he plans on attending a conference anybody with $475 can attend while making sure to cram as many multi-national stock symbols into the press releases like (HAL) (SLB) (ECA) and (CLR) so that na├»ve investors browsing those company's financial news feeds might accidentally see these releases and be duped into investing their hard-earned savings.
July 30-Present - A blitzkrieg of display and text ads is ultimately successful in duping retail investors into purchasing CHMR shares directly from the promoter. During this period the promoter liquidates some of the 20,000,000 shares that were purchased for $.0038 at a minimum price of $1.00 and as high as $2.00. From July 30th until August 10th over 5,288,000 shares of CHMR trade hands at an average price of $1.55 for $8,218,000 worth of dollar volume.
Unfortunately the perpetrators of this scam have thus far rung the register to the tune of over $8,000,000. That money has come from the brokerage accounts of hard-working U.S. investors that were most probably new to the world of investing or were gullible enough to believe that CHMR was a legitimate enterprise. As we explained in the opening section of the report it is not entirely their fault as the path which led them to CHMR was one they instinctively trust.
Further, in the second article:
But in the interest of entertainment let us for a moment pretend that somehow someway 31-year old Charles Grob, the sole employee of Chimera Energy pulled it off. Wouldn't you assume that the investor relations department for Pemex would know about this epic and revolutionary development?
On August 22nd, we called the investor relations department for Pemex and spoke to Mrs. Carmina Moreno, one of the Investor Relations Managers. She told us that they are fully aware that Chimera Energy has been touting this hypothetical relationship and that under no circumstance did they have any contract or relationship with Chimera. She told us that Pemex's legal department had started looking into this and that they would consider making a public response as too many investors were calling to ask about this and it was beginning to concern Pemex. We then put out a tweet to investors on our twitter page warning them that investor relations at Pemex denied the existence of any relationship or contracts with Chimera and provided the email and phone number of Mrs. Carmina Moreno for anyone to verify themselves.
On August 24th we received an email from an investor who recorded a conversation with Rolando Galindo - head of investor relations at Pemex. We urge all investors to listen to this conversation as it is yet another piece of smoking gun evidence that confirms there is no relationship between Chimera and Pemex and that the contents of the press release are a complete fabrication:
Chimera Energy not only touts a fake relationship and contract with Pemex it has a logo of Pemex on their investor website. This is the page investors land on from the pay per click ads. Also note the fake quote from USA Today by Charles Grob. The audacity of these perpetrators has never before been encountered by Infitialis.
Read the first article here, and the second article here.

And I'd probably recommend staying away from Chimera Energy.

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